Lubrizol® 8090 Cetane Improver for Diesel Fuel

Stay competitive with Lubrizol® 8090 Cetane Improver

Environmental concerns are driving the diesel fuel industry toward increasingly lower emission, higher performance fuels. And feed stocks also are more difficult to refine today, so the quality of feed stocks available for diesel fuel blending may be lower than in the past. To keep competitive, you need a cost-effective, convenient way to improve engine performance and reduce emissions. Lubrizol 8090 cetane improver can help.

When fuel is enhanced with Lubrizol 8090 cetane improver, it burns more quickly and completely. More efficient combustion reduces:

  • knock and noise
  • misfiring
  • shock loads
  • peak pressure in the cylinder
  • ignition delay
  • stress
  • engine maintenance
  • fuel consumption
  • exhaust emissions
  • white smoke
  • crank time

At the same time, better combustion results in:

  • easier cold starts
  • better warm up
  • better ignition quality
  • improved low-temperature startability

 The result is a quieter, smoother-running engine and longer engine life.

Delayed ignition is a primary cause of high emissions and poor engine performance. There is a direct relationship between the cetane number of a diesel fuel and its ignition point. The lower the number, the longer the wait.

Lubrizol 8090 can be added during or after blending, both as a stand-alone product and incorporated into a multifunctional diesel additive package. The stand-alone product is typically added at the refinery. Terminals generally prefer multifunctional packages for safety reasons.

As a single-source supplier of a full range of performance enhancing fuel additives, Lubrizol makes your job easy, whether you're the refiner, distributor or user of diesel fuel. Extensive research, development and technical support back up every product we sell.

Lubrizol 8090 increases the cetane rating by 3 to 5 numbers with a typical treatment of 0.1%. The higher the quality of the fuel, the more significant the improvement.

Cetane Q&As

What is a cetane improver?
It is an additive that raises cetane number.

What does a high cetane number indicate?
It indicates a shorter ignition delay and is regarded as more desirable than low cetane. The higher the number,
the shorter the delay.

What is cetane number?
It is a measurement of the length of time from fuel injection until the combustion process begins. It is not a measurement of fuel economy, power or combustion smoothness.

How is cetane measured?
A standard CRC laboratory engine test (run pursuant to ASTM D613) is used to measure cetane. The test requires a skilled operator and an engine that performs well.

What is ignition delay?
It is the time between the start of injection and when combustion begins (or when ignition occurs).