Marine Fuel Additives

Marine Fuel

Expect to Surpass Marine Fuel Challenges

Marine distillate and residual fuel oils used for marine applications are often faced with challenges created by changing emission regulations and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel standards. At the same time, there’s demand for improved engine performance, fuel economy, and lubricant consumption.

As the world’s premier petroleum additives company, Lubrizol can help solve your fuel challenges and reduce your costs. Our unique proprietary fuel additive technology provides many benefits for marine fuels of all types:

  • Control of liner lacquer and bore polishing
  • Stable oil consumption in four stroke engines
  • Reduction of piston deposits
  • Lowered smoke emissions
  • Reduction of soot in the receiver box of two stroke engines
  • Reduction in lube oil fouling

The combination of marine fuel additive technologies with the industry knowledge, supporting services, and commitment to the industry is of strong value in meeting and exceeding your needs – and it’s exactly what we have to offer. Expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.

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