Gasoline Additives


Expect Real Gasoline Differentiation

All basic gasoline may have been created equal, but that doesn’t mean your brands have to be. Consider gasoline as more than just a commodity purchase. Lubrizol offers our extensive industry knowledge and experience with advanced gasoline additives to design performance packages that provide differentiating advantages. Fuel economy, reduced emissions, restored power, ethanol compatibility, engine cleanliness, driveability, reduced friction -- just some of the demands of today’s drivers – and just some of the many benefits of advanced Lubrizol additive technologies.

We are proud to have some of the world’s best fuel problem solvers and the industry’s most extensive independent testing capabilities. We know modern engines. We also know not all gasolines render the same results. That’s why our team works with customers to deliver additive packages that fits the need of their markets.

At Lubrizol, we listen to what our customers have to say about their current fuel challenges. At the same time, we’re hard at work preparing for the needs of tomorrow’s fuels. We believe our customers value our expertise and forward-thinking, market-driven strategies. We believe educating our customers will enable them to make the best choice, maintaining the integrity of their brands. And we are committed to delivering the products, formulations, and services that help you reach your marketing goals. Expect nothing less for your gasoline and expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.