Tractor Transmission Oil

Tractor Transmission Oil

Tractor Transmission Oils (TTOs) are most commonly used in smaller, older farm tractors that are found mainly in developing markets. These tractors have dry brake systems and are relatively low-powered. This means that TTOs are not suitable for newer, larger and more powerful tractors. 

Additive Requirements

A TTO must provide:

 ✓ Friction performance for the transmission and clutches

 ✓ Anti-wear for axles & final drives

 ✓ Corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam for hydraulics  

Lubrizol's Focus on Local Market Needs 

Lubrizol knows that tractors in developing markets often operate in hot, wet, heavy load conditions. We spend time and resources in understanding these conditions and developing products tailored for developing markets that address their unique challenges. 

How to Identify High Performance Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

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