PowerZol® 9548A Fuel Stabilizer

PowerZol® 9548 is a premium fuel stabilizer chemistry designed for aftermarket additive applications to help control oxidation and corrosion and keep gasoline fresh longer during periods of equipment downtime.

Today’s gasolines have a relatively short shelf life, and can oxidize and gum up rather quickly, resulting in poor start, rough idle, increased engine deposits, clogged fuel filters and even engine seize. Ethanol blends bring additional complications, such as moisture concerns that can lead to corrosion of critical engine components.

Power tools, motorcycles, personal watercraft, generators, and classic cars are just some equipment commonly stored for extended periods of time that are at risk for the negative effects of fuel instability. PowerZol 9548 is a powerful formula containing multiple oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to combat the potentially harmful effects of fuel storage, helping your additive products deliver better protection to all engines – both new and old.