PowerZol™ Resource Center

The Aftermarket Performance Chemicals Resource Center is a mobile application that provides some powerful tools for additive marketers. From the leader in fuel and lubricant specialty chemicals, Lubrizol offers these tools to additive marketers to help identify treat rates and costs when taking winning additive solutions to market.

The Formulation Treatment Calculator tool helps additive marketers formulate additives using PowerZol™ chemistries proven to enhance vehicle and equipment performance. Positioning winning additive solutions for competitive advantage in the market has never been easier.

The Treat Rate Converter tool helps to easily convert volumes and weights from one unit to another, helping additive marketers develop solutions based on regionally and globally preferred units of measurement.

PowerZol products are also featured on the Aftermarket Performance Chemicals Resource Center. The PowerZol brand encompasses a broad portfolio of extensively tested and proven fluid technologies that additive marketers commonly use to bring significant advantage to consumers for their vehicles and other equipment. These technologies include fuel, engine oil, and driveline lubricant treatments, flushes, and more.


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