Expect Nothing Less

Nothing ruins a driver’s or operator's experience more quickly than a stumbling, smoking, stalling engine. Every surge and hesitation conjures up visions of wasted time, costly repairs, and not arriving at their destination. What a driver may not know is that the answer could be as close as the nearest mass merchandiser, auto parts store, garage, highway truck stop, or service facility. Instead of costly engine repair, automotive aftermarket chemicals and specialty products often help solve the problem less expensively and much faster.

Lubrizol stimulates our customers with the leading products, industry knowledge, and support that allows them to effectively and profitably compete in the aftermarket chemicals industry. We are dedicated to understanding the needs and trends of vehicle and equipment owners, and want to help you deliver the best solutions. Whether your target audiences are do-it-yourselfers or services that cater to the needs of consumers, mechanics, or fleets, we can help you reach your marketing goals.

Highly engineered to meet the challenging automotive needs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Lubrizol’s PowerZol brand of performance aftermarket chemicals and specialty products is the key to your success. PowerZol’s broad-range of automotive chemicals are intensively tested to ensure delivery of exceptional performance – with data that supports your claims – allowing you to confidently differentiate your products and achieve your positioning strategies.

In addition, Lubrizol supports our product technologies with services like product customization and marketing support. Put them all together and you’ve got one valuable partner – ready to assist you in meeting the needs of consumers and exceeding your marketing objectives. Expect nothing less from a partner in Lubrizol.

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