Committed to the Future

Additive companies play a key role in the fuels and lubricants industry, making significant investments and contributions up and down the value chain. And in order to continue providing the products and services on which the industry depends, additive companies must realize a reasonable return on investment.

As expected from an industry leader, more than any other additive company, Lubrizol makes the most significant and far-reaching investments that position our company, our customers, our shareholders and the entire lubricant industry for continued health and success. 

Uniqueness of the Additives Business
More than ever before, OEMs and fuel and lubricant marketers continuously rely on additive companies for help to:

  • Understand the direction and future needs of the fuels and lubricant industries;
  • Engage in collaborative design efforts;
  • Develop advanced solutions for the most complex fuel, lubricant and equipment challenges;
  • Formulate new products for a wide variety of customers and applications;
  • Provide quality testing programs; and much more.

Standing Out From Other Suppliers
No other industry player is as integral and deeply invested in so many areas as Lubrizol. Lubrizol offers valuable services, technologies and industry support that enable OEMs to pursue their cutting-edge equipment advances. We help our customers deliver leading fuel and lubricant solutions through our one-of-a-kind asset base. Lubrizol’s unique position in the industry allows us to step in and fill the gaps left by other suppliers through our robust supply chain and the depth and breadth of our product offerings.

Through the talent of our people, the number of applications and technology platforms we support and the size of our manufacturing footprint, Lubrizol stands out from other additive suppliers. We make a substantial investment in delivering leading solutions to our customers. Based on a percentage of revenue, Lubrizol invests more than three times that of any other specialty chemical company in research and development, with over 40% of our sales generated from products launched within the last five years.

We do not pursue all volume opportunities, rather we prefer to form strong, value-driven alliances with our customers. In fact, we develop powerful customer impact statements early on in the buying process to help our customers realize the added value that we bring as an industry partner.

Commitment to the Industry
As an independent and global additive supplier, Lubrizol is completely dedicated to one goal – providing the most advanced and forward-thinking solutions to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s biggest challenges. Our vision is to help our customers succeed, a philosophy that drives us every day.

We are committed to making significant and far-reaching investments that set us apart as the industry leader in additive technology – and we are committed to the continued health and success of the fuels and lubricant industries.