About Lubrizol Additives

Lubrizol Additives enables transportation and industrial equipment to work better, last longer. We develop innovative additives that improve the performance of fuels and lubricants.

Our additives cover an expansive range of applications, from cars to construction equipment, motorcycles to marine vessels, chain saws to cranes, weed trimmers to wind mills. All of this is backed by our first-class, worldwide testing network that provides confidence that our products will perform in a variety of operating environments, an integrated global supply system that works around the clock to optimize availability and nearly a century of expertise working with lubricant marketers, fuel marketers and original equipment manufacturers all over the world.

Companies that work with Lubrizol Additives discover unique perspectives, gain competitive advantages, and enjoy measureable success.

  • Lubrizol engine oil additives help lower emissions, extend engine life and improve fuel economy.

  • Transmission fluid, gear oil and farm tractor lubricant technologies from Lubrizol help ensure equipment runs better and lasts longer.

  • Our fuel additives help provide optimal power, performance, equipment life, fuel economy and emissions.

  • Industrial lubricant additives from Lubrizol create improved efficiencies and help protect hydraulic systems, industrial gears, bearings, turbines, metalworking tools and parts.

  • Our viscosity modifiers and pour point depressant deliver superior performance beyond just lubricant thickening.

  • Aftermarket fuel, lubricant and specialty chemicals help our customers market bottled and bulk additives that deliver what consumers demand most – real performance.