Oral Liquids

Lubrizol offers a variety of excipients ideal for formulating oral liquids and suspensions, such as Carbopol® polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil, which have been used safely and effectively in numerous commercial products. Due to the three dimensional gel network formed by Carbopol polymers, our pharmaceutical ingredients offer longer term stability of suspensions and emulsions at lower concentrations than competitive materials. These polymers can also be used to build viscosity and yield value for “non-spill” pediatric formulations. Additionally, Carbopol polymers can mask certain bitter tasting drugs, giving a more pleasant taste to oral liquid suspensions, thus increasing patient compliance.

In some cases, Carbopol polymers can increase the bioavailability of the active drug in the suspension due to their excellent bioadhesive characteristics. Our excipients for oral liquid applications are compatible with most acidic, basic and neutral drugs, and are well-suited for applications across a broad pH range (4.0 – 10.0).

Application Advantages

  • Offer long term stability of suspensions over a wide pH range
  • Highly efficient at low use levels
  • Provide taste masking of some bitter drugs
  • Build viscosity and yield value for “non-spill” pediatric formulations