Oral Care Solutions

Carbopol® polymers can be used in oral care applications such as toothpastes and gels, desensitizing and whitening products. These polymers primarily function as efficient thickeners and co-binders at low usage levels in both aqueous and anhydrous systems. They provide suspension of non-soluble actives or excipients and are capable of thickening peroxide gel systems while maintaining product stability.

The viscoelastic structure of Carbopol polymers imparts shear-thinning rheology and low thixotropy which enables a clean ribbon of toothpaste to be extruded from the tube. These polymers:

  • Aid in the adhesion and delivery of dental formulations to the teeth
  • May increase the retention time of flavoring agents
  • Are compatible with commonly used formulation ingredients

Application Advantages

  • Efficient co-binder at low usage levels
  • Suspending agent for non soluble actives or excipients
  • Improve long term stability of peroxide gel systems
  • Compatible with commonly used formulation ingredients