Polyurethane for Cardiology

Lubrizol develops high-performance polymers as part of its aromatic Carbothane™, Isoplast®, Pellethane®, and Tecothane™ TPU lines intended for use in cardiology-related products for use inside and outside the body.

Polymers for Cardiology Applications In the Body

Lubrizol medical products have been used safely within the body for more than 30 years. Engineered Isoplast polymers, in particular, do not promote tissue ingrowth and possess the biocompatibility, hydrolytic stability, chemical resistance, sealability and non-softening properties to perform particularly well in applications such as pacemaker headers.

Polymers for Cardiology Applications Outside the Body

Our engineered polymers are also ideal for other cardiology-related applications, such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Lubrizol polymers can provide the hardness required for AED casing as well as soft AED grips and bumper guards. Lubrizol polymers also excel in other external applications such as EKG leads and cable jacketing due to their durability, flexibility, sealability, flame retardancy, resistance to disinfectant solution, abrasion resistance, non-tackiness properties, excellent colorability and printability.