Medical Device

Medical Device

The Health business team at Lubrizol is a healthcare product solution partner for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers who need product development support and drug eluting device solutions. 

Exceptional healthcare products with proven performance begin with the polymer technology of Lubrizol medical device solutions. Lubrizol works with you to create functional polymer solutions for various medical applications. Key product brands Pellethane® TPU, Tecoflex™ TPU, Tecothane™ TPU, Isoplast® ETPU and Carbothane™ TPU. 

Lubrizol is the only healthcare product solution partner offering comprehensive polymer, formulation and manufacturing capabilities that provide polymer customization and compounding, complex drug formulation, and contract manufacturing solutions.


Polymer solutions for both in and outside the body cardiology applications including pacemaker headers and AED casings.

Drug/Device Combination Products

Pathway™ excipients: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for controlled, sustained drug release in implantable drug delivery and combination products.


Engineered polymers with biocompatibility, chemical resistance, and indwelling softening that may be used in a variety of urological applications.


Customizable medical grade resins for CVC and PICC catheters and other endovascular medical devices.

Wound Care

Polymers for innovative treatments for burns, lacerations, ulcers, and tissue damage that protect healing wounds while maintaining breathability and patient comfort.