ESTANE® ETE (Easy-to-Extrude) TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

ESTANE® ETE (Easy-to-Extrude) TPUs are harder (49D and higher) aromatic polyester and polyether grades designed for ETE applications in flat die/cast film, tubing, wire & cable, injection and blow molding.

Product Name Hardness Americas Asia EMEAI Technical Data Sheet
ESTANE ETE 50DT3 TPU 50D English
ESTANE ETE 55DS3 TPU 55D English
ESTANE ETE 55DT3 TPU 55D Request
ESTANE ETE 60DS3 TPU 60D English
ESTANE ETE 60DT3 TPU 60D English
ESTANE ETE 70DT3 TPU 70D English
ESTANE ETE 75DT3 TPU 75D English

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