TPU for paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Armor against the Elements

With more than 30 years’ proven experience in Paint Protection Film (PPF) products, our ESTANE® TPU has earned its credibility and reputation as the PPF industry’s preferred thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) polymer technology.


ESTANE® TPU is the most consistent, high-quality PPF solution that enables efficient processing and performance.

Features Benefits
Clarity Appears nearly invisible on surface
Impact Resistant Protects surface from damage
Wettability  Compatible with adhesives and top coats
Self-Healing Maintains aesthetics
Weatherability UV and element resistant

Lubrizol Solutions for Paint Protection Film

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Additional information is available to support the needs of PPF product manufacturers or brand owners. Learn about how being Made With ESTANE® TPU can bring assured performance and ultimate peace of mind.