Data Center Cooling Fluid

Enabling the next generation of data centers.

CompuZol™ immersion cooling fluid solutions from Lubrizol address data center limitations posed by today’s air-cooling methods by delivering thermal management performance that enables increased computing density.

 Whitepaper: Turning Down the Heat – Fluid Engineering that Enables Next-Generation Immersion Cooling

Reducing costs and environmental footprints.

CompuZol™ immersion fluid solution is in direct contact with the heat-generating servers, which is why it transfers heat much more efficiently than air. This reduces data center cooling costs by an estimated 30+ percent! Environmental impact is reduced compared to less efficient air-cooled systems, and less water is used compared to other cooling technologies. And, unlike other immersion fluid systems that use hazardous hydrofluorocarbon technology, CompuZol™ immersion fluid solution is based on non-toxic hydrocarbons.

Divert more power to compute cycles rather than cooling– Improve P.U.E. by 20-25%.
Reduce capital expenditures – Decrease total cost of ownership.
Immersion Cooling Fluid

Improving uptime and life cycles.

By enabling the elimination of moving parts required in air cooled technology, CompuZol™ immersion fluid solution maximizes mean time between failures (MTBF) and extends the serviceable life of server hardware.

Extend the life of your servers – support warranty terms.

CompuZol™ immersion fluid solution is playing a significant role in changing the way data centers operate.

Unlike competing fluids, CompuZol™ immersion fluid solution is tailor formulated and specifically developed for use in immersion cooling applications. Lubrizol has partnered with world-leading OEMs in the microchip, infrastructure, and immersion tank industries to ensure data center customers of turnkey solutions.

Through decades of experience in developing thermal management fluid solutions for different end-uses, Lubrizol technologists have achieved best-in-class innovation in the area of material compatibility, thermal performance and durability.

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