Vilvanolin™ P lanolin derivative

INCI Name: Isopropyl Lanolate

Vilvanolin™ P lanolin derivative is a 100% active ester of lanolin acids with isopropanol. It is an exceptional emollient and is recommended for use in skin care products including creams, lotions, and color applications. Its emolliency and nonionic nature make it an ideal candidate for use in leave-on skin care products. Its mild dispersancy and lubricity properties yield themselves well to color cosmetic applications.


  • Active dispersing agent for pigments and other solid ingredients
  • Easy-to-use soft, buttery solid
  • Emollient
  • Excellent skin surface lubricant
  • Liquifies readily on the skin
  • Mild oil-in-water emulsifier activity
  • Soluble in oil when hot

Primary Functions

  • Emollient

Third-Party Certification

  • Halal