Glucamate™ CCO thickener

INCI Name: Methyl Glucose Caprate / Caprylate / Oleate (and) Propanediol

Glucamate™ CCO thickener is a 80% active, naturally-derived, non-ethoxylated liquid viscosity builder for mild surfactant systems. It is ideal for non-ethoxylated surfactant packages, including sulfate and sulfate-free cleansing systems where properties such as clarity, honey-like flow, and mildness are desired. Enables unprecedented formulation flexibility allowing for cost-effective systems.


  • 93% plant derived by weight, enabling formulations that contain high levels of renewable carbon
  • Easy-to-use, fully cold-processable, and can reduce total formulation cost due to its high active content
  • Effective at low use levels, without soaping effect, resulting in positive impact on sensory
  • Naturally derived
  • Non-ethoxylated, enabling formulations that do not require ethoxylation or contain 1,4-Dioxane levels
  • Optimal high HLB Ethoxylate-free co-emulsifier for robust Liquid Crystals emulsions
  • Thickens both ethoxylated and non-ethoxylated surfactant systems efficiently, providing formulation flexibility and enhanced formulation performance


  • Anti-aging Products
  • Body Lotions/Creams/Gels
  • Body Washes
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Conditioners
  • Facial Care Products
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Removal
  • Hand Soap
  • Intimate Cleansers
  • Mild Cleansers
  • Shampoo
  • Shaving Products
  • Sun Care

Primary Functions

  • Emulsifier
  • Thickener