Lubrizol Firms Rouen Commitments for Farmer, Community Support

Rouen, France – October 25, 2019 - On September 26, a fire impacted Lubrizol’s production facility in Rouen, France. Lubrizol is deeply saddened by the fire and is very sorry for the concern and disruption it has caused to local communities.

To continue to provide support, today Lubrizol firmed the following agreements:

  • Farmers: This morning Lubrizol CEO Eric Schnur and Lubrizol France President Fredric Henry signed an agreement, together with FMSE, to provide financial support from Lubrizol to farmers experiencing loss as a result of the Prefectural restrictions issued after the fire. Access Submission Site

    This may include direct losses from destroyed or consigned crops, losses as a result of purchasing alternative animal feed, or cleaning reimbursement for farmers who produce milk, eggs, honey, farmed fish or plant products in each of the communities affected by the Prefectural restrictions. FMSE and Lubrizol’s third-party administrator will publish and oversee the eligibility parameters and will collect and process claims. Lubrizol and FMSE also will pursue a second phase to include farmers who experienced losses that might be outside of the current agreement scope.

  • Businesses and communities: Lubrizol also signed an agreement to support businesses and communities who experienced losses as a result of the fire. A third-party administrator also will publish and oversee the eligibility parameters and will collect and process claims.  Access Submission Site

  • Tourism: Lubrizol wants to help ensure continued tourism in the beautiful city of Rouen and the Normandie region. Lubrizol has re-affirmed its commitments with elected officials this week and will finalize these details the weeks ahead.

In addition to these commitments, Lubrizol has already provided funding for:

  • Environmental Testing: A multi-phase testing program, funded by Lubrizol and executed by third-party experts, includes sampling of soil, surface water, watersheds and vegetables, amongst other natural mediums. Testing is already underway and more will be added overtime.

  • Cleaning: Lubrizol has provided funding for cleaning of public spaces and will continue to provide ongoing support.

  • Employees: All Lubrizol Rouen employees have and will continue to be paid in full during the recovery and are fully supported by Lubrizol. 


Emmanuelle Maddocks, (France)

Alicia Gauer, (Outside of France)