Personal Care

Carbopol® Silk 100 Polymer

INCI Name: Carbomer

Carbopol® Silk 100 is a polymer technology targeted for shampoo applications which delivers cost efficient salt synergistic rheology that provides powerful suspension even at low surfactant levels.  Designed to meet the challenge of optimized product performance at lowest possible cost in use, Carbopol® Silk 100 allows for reduction in surfactant levels and conditioning agents as well as the incorporation of non-silicone based conditioning ingredients, in particular natural oils.

Key Benefits of Carbopol® Silk 100 polymer:

  • Cost-efficient stabilization of shampoo systems with low or difficult-to-thicken surfactant levels containing silicones or natural oils.
  • Efficient thickening effect and suspension capability in synergy with salt in surfactant systems.
  • Enables optimized conditioning performance due to low impact of polymer on silicone deposition.
  • Reliable stabilization performance due to high suspending power resulting from Carbopol® polymer chemistry.
  • Allows for pleasing flow aesthetics, chassis formulations and global compliance due to  “Carbomer“ INCI name.
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