Brecksville and Wickliffe Celebrate Black History Month

Bridging the Past, Present and Future through Technology and Innovation

The African American Resource Group (AARG) hosted the annual Black History Month Luncheon at Brecksville and Wickliffe on February 10 and 12, respectively. The event began with a catered soul food luncheon, which was immediately followed by the 2014 themed event Bridging the Past, Present and Future through Technology and Innovation.  

AARG had two highly respected speakers introduced by Bob Graf, corporate vice president of research, at the Brecksville location and Dave Enzerra, director community and public affairs, at the Wickliffe location.

The speakers for both locations were:  Dr. Kirsten Ellenbogen, president and CEO of the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC), and Dr. Rickey Shyne, director of research and engineering, National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland spoke at both events. They highlighted several African American inventors from the past (Garrett A Morgan, Madame CJ Walker and Elijah McCoy), present (Dr. Katherine Johnson, Jesse E Russell, Sr. and Stephanie D Wilson) and future (David Boone a Harvard student that is on the track to be amongst future inventors).