SilSense™ SW-12 silicone

Hair-Care Skin-Care

Silicone conditioning without greasiness or build-up

SilSense™ SW-12 silicone is a water-soluble liquid wax, dimethicone copolyol ester that is formed through the esterification of coconut fatty acid with dimethicone copolyol. SilSense™ SW-12 silicone is an easy-to-formulate product which may be used to impart the conditioning benefits of silicone to personal care products without contributing to greasiness or build-up that is normally associated with water-insoluble silicone fluids. It is recommended for use in hair and skin products including creams, body lotions, after-shave balms and gels, shampoos, and conditioners.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Conditioner'>Conditioner</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Emollient'>Emollient</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Sensory Modifier'>Sensory Modifier</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Slip Agent'>Slip Agent</a>

Ingredient Name: <div class="ExternalClassB0E731BFCF1D471E8858B65B22E0BEC6">Dimethicone PEG-7 Cocoate</div>

Recommended Use level: Recommended use level is 0.25 to 3.0 wt% as supplied

  • Adds emolliency and conditioning to emulsion systems
  • Can stabilize emulsions and reduces emulsion particle size
  • Co-emulsifier for oil-in-water systems
  • Gloss enhancer
  • Improves application properties of skin care products
  • Non-greasy and reduces tack
  • Surfactant properties
  • Useful in clear systems