Glucam™ P-10 humectant

Cleansing Hair-Care Skin-Care
China Compliant -Formerly CFDA Halal

Naturally-derived humectant for shine and gloss

Glucam™ P-10 humectant is a naturally-derived, 100% active, propoxylated methyl glucose ether. It creates a luxurious feel in shampoos and other surfactant systems. Its mildness makes it a natural choice for makeup products used around the eye or in formulations made for sensitive skin. It is recommended for use in lotions, creams, cleansing formulations, hair conditioners, styling gels, and mousses.

Function: <a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Humectant'>Humectant</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Sensory Modifier'>Sensory Modifier</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;<a href='/Personal-Care/Products/Product-Finder?ingredientType=Functional&functions=Solubilizer'>Solubilizer</a>

Ingredient Name: <div class="ExternalClassB9C9365414314D80BBD9735C96D7F1BF">PPG-10 Methyl Glucose Ether</div>

Recommended Use level: ​Recommended use level is 0.1 to 5.0 wt% as supplied

  • Detackifier
  • Easy-to-use liquid form
  • Excellent shine and gloss agent on hair
  • Improves combability of hair
  • Improves solubility in oily systems
  • Increases foam wetness
  • Naturally derived
  • Provides a smooth, silky feel
  • Reduces sting of hydroalcoholic systems
  • Solubilizer