The Perfect Combination of Polymers

Working together, Fixate™ styling polymers and Carbopol® CLEAR polymer enable multifaceted styling performance and imaginative textures while improving the sustainability profile of your formulations.

Perfectly Styled

Fixate™ Polymers

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve – Lubrizol’s Fixate polymers always deliver just the right amount of hold with excellent humidity resistance, no flaking, and no tackiness when dried on hair.
Perfectly Textured

Carbopol® CLEAR Polymer

A multifunctional thickener and fixative, Carbopol CLEAR polymer allows formulators to develop a range of rheological profiles while reducing the amount of ingredients needed in styling formulations.

50% More Sustainable Products

  • Carbopol® CLEAR polymer disperses within 2 minutes, compared to 35-40 minutes for traditional carbomers
  • Simplified processing = Up to 40% more time savings and less gas, electricity & water used, leading to reduced CO2 emissions

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Fresh and Fun Formulations

Experience the possibilities firsthand with these exciting new formulations developed by Lubrizol’s team of experts.

Apple Candy Hair Gel

Go from a clean to tousled look in just seconds with this fresh and fun wet styling gel. Formulated with 0.7% TS Carbopol CLEAR polymer and 1.6% TS Fixate™ Freestyle polymer this rich, dense gel provides firm hold for long-lasting style.

Coconut Hair Stucco

Coconut Hair Stucco

Build any style from straight hair to curly locks with this stucco-like styling paste. Its exclusive texture and natural finish is achieved with 1.0% TS Carbopol CLEAR polymer and 0.6% TS Fixate™ Superhold polymer.

The Moving Rubber Styler

The Moving Rubber Styler for Hair

Reshape and restyle at your will. Created with 1.0% TS Carbopol CLEAR polymer and 0.19% TS Fixate Superhold polymer this unique rubbery textured styler provides adaptable hold, root lift and builds volume.

Frozen Daiquiri Hair Styler

Frozen Daiquiri Hair Styler

Stir up some fun with the crushed ice texture of this playful gel formulated with 1.0% TS Carbopol CLEAR polymer and 1.2% TS Fixate™ PLUS polymer. It provides flexible hold that lasts all day.

Texturizing Hair Paste

Texturizing Hair Paste

Create a messy and separated look with this thick bonding hair paste. Made with 1.0% TS Carbopol CLEAR polymer and 0.9% TS Fixate Freestyle polymer it provides long lasting hold for moldable styles.

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