Fixate™ Keratin

Hair Transformation from the Inside

Fixate™ Keratin is a thermal-activated, two-component technology that reconstructs the hair from the inside into perfectly smooth and healthy hair for more than 10 washes.

Discover the industry's first hair straightening product with formaldehyde-free technology. Watch the video to learn more!

See the Difference

We've tested more than 50 different models, including hair types common to North America and Brazil. Just one treatment of Fixate Keratin results in healthier, stronger, and smoother hair!

Before Fixate™ Keratin

Before Treatment

After Fixate™ Keratin

After Treatment


Using non-formaldehyde and non-glyoxylic acid chemistry.


Fixate™ Keratin Activator enables long lasting care benefits improving hair manageability from the inside


Salon tested and validated on different hair types

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