On-The-Go Grooming Hair Gel

Region: Global

Designed to impress, this ultimate nomadic grooming product will make you look good in any situation. A convenient crystal clear gel that uses a combination of Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer and Fixate™ Freestyle polymer to impart a fine texture that dispenses easily out of a tube, works quickly to provide extreme hold, and leaves no residue on the hands, and can also protect you against pollution. Simply rewet your hair and this extremely versatile formulation will allow instant restyling throughout the day for even the most wild, adventurous occasion.


  • Hair Care-Styling Products-Gel


  • Clear

Product Positioning

  • Convenient
  • Restylability
  • Strong Hold

Products Used in This Formulation

Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer

Fixate™ Freestyle polymer

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