Brisk Black Hair Lotion Sponge Cushion Pen

Region: Global

The Brisk Black Hair Lotion Cushion Pen enables precise sponge application for even your finest strands of hair. It brushes away first grays and blends well. It is designed to add long-lasting volume to short hair, and its strong-setting power holds bangs in place. You can also use it to design a spike effect. Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer with Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer provides pigment stabilization and emulsification. Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer helps provide volume and style. Schercemol™ GMIS ester provides gloss to the formulation. Glucamate™ SSE-20 emulsifier emulsifies oils.


  • Hair Care-Hair Color
  • Hair Care-Styling Products-Other


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Color Highlighting
  • Gloss
  • Stiff Hold
  • Strong Hold
  • Volumizing