Impulsive Peach Cushion Touch Hair Cream

Region: Global

This gentle peach-colored formula has a creamy texture. It creates natural-looking, long-lasting hairstyles to achieve smoother, more defined shapes with your impulsive curls. It highlights and adds color to the tips of your tresses. You can also use it to create peach-shaded ombré hairstyles. Carbopol® Style 2.0 polymer offers pigment stabilization and creates a cushiony texture. Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer helps in pigment dispersion and emulsification. Schercemol™ OLO ester provides gloss to the formulation. Glucamate™ SSE-20, Glucate™ SS emulsifiers and Chemonic™ OE-20 ethoxylated alcohol form an ideal emulsifier combination and help in emulsification and pigment dispersion.


  • Hair Care-Hair Color
  • Hair Care-Styling Cream


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Color Highlighting
  • Gentle
  • Gloss
  • Long-Lasting Hold
  • Smoothing