Miracle Sensation Sun Lotion (SPF 30)


Region: Global

Maximize your comfort and enjoy your outdoor adventure with this non-sticky, sand adhesion minimizing, and water resistant (80 minutes) SPF 30 sun lotion. Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer works as the sole O/W emulsifier, delivering efficient and robust emulsion stabilization. Its excellent film-forming properties offer high water resistance (80 minutes) with a soft, non-greasy afterfeel. Schercemol™ DIS ester optimizes organic sunscreen solubilization without a greasy afterfeel while Matmarine™ Blue Ingredient reduces sebum levels to minimize imperfections such as spots, enlarged pores, and acne.


  • Skin Care-Body Care Lotions
  • Sun Care-Sunscreens


  • Opaque

Products Used in This Formulation

Avalure™ Flex-6 polymer

G-66 Guerbet ester

Schercemol™ DIS ester

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