Gentle Facial Scrub with Apricot


Region: Global

This creamy, pearlized facial scrub gently exfoliates for a smooth, supple skin feel. Carbopol® SMART 2000 polymer imparts excellent thickening and suspension of Actiscrub™ Apricot Shell exfoliant and enhances the visual appeal of Quickpearl™ PK3 pearlizing agent. Sulfochem™ ES 2PK and Chembetaine™ C surfactants provide luxurious foam for effective cleansing of the skin. Merquat™ 3330PR polymer enhances the feel during cleansing and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.


  • Cleansing-Facial
  • Cleansing-Scrub


  • Pearlescent

Products Used in This Formulation

Chembetaine™ C surfactant

Merquat™ 3330PR polymer

Quickpearl™ PK3 pearlizing agent

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