Conditioning Non-Sulfated Shampoo

Region: Latin America

This shampoo brings great conditioning performance, foaming properties and flow aesthetics in a mild, non-sulfated alkyl/alkyl ether sulfate surfactant system. The vegetable-derived Glucamate™ LT thickener improves the rheology, adding viscosity to provide a honey-like flow. Chemccinate™ DSLS-K surfactant is a formaldehyde-free and mild surfactant, compatible with anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants. Chembetaine™ CGF and OL-30 surfactants provide a dense and cushiony foam, while boosting the viscosity and emolliency. The combination of Merquat™ 295 and 2001 polymers improves wet and dry feel on hair, giving it a silky feel without weighing it down. Hydramol™ PGPL ester helps to improve dry feel.


  • Hair Care-Shampoos


  • Translucent

Product Positioning

  • Conditioning
  • Mild
  • Silky