Balm-to-Milk Make-up Remover

Region: Europe

Upon contact with water, this rich solid balm will turn into a fluid cleansing milk that can efficiently remove make-up. Schercemol™ NGDO ester offers good solubility for dissolving sebum and make-up with a light and dry touch, leaving the skin perfectly cleansed and soft. Schercemol™ SHS ester provides a melting solid texture that turns into liquid at the skin’s surface. Glucamate™ SSE-20 emulsifier helps emulsify the waxes to form a fluid emulsion upon contact with water. The balm contains Actiphyte™ of Cornflower which helps with tired skin thanks to its toning properties. Use Instructions: Apply a small amount of the balm and rub it onto the face in circular motions, without water to gently remove make-up and impurities. Then rinse residue away with water.


  • Cleansing-Facial
  • Color Cosmetics-Face
  • Skin Care-Face


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Botanical/Herbal
  • Emolliency
  • Light Feel
  • Novel
  • Solvency