Molten Metal Defense 2-in-1 Wash

Region: Global

Gear up for your daily challenges with this purifying 2-in-1 face and body wash that works just as hard as you do. The striking metallic appearance and elegant flow is achieved by QUICKPEARL™ PSB3 surfactant pearlizing agent and through the suspension power of CARBOPOL® AQUA SF-2 polymer. CHEMORYL™ SFB-10SSB surfactant creates strong flash foam with ultra-mild, skin-friendly cleansing, while MERQUAT™ 3940 polymer conditions the skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and refreshed. POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient boosts the skin’s antioxidative defenses against urban pollution**, while ACTIPHYTE™ grapefruit seed offers a fresh, healthy appearance to the skin despite reactive aggressors**.


  • Cleansing-Body
  • Cleansing-Facial
  • Men's Products - Men's Products


  • Pearlescent

Product Positioning

  • Botanical/Herbal
  • Conditioning
  • Mild
  • Shimmering
  • Suspending