Perfecting W/Si Make-up Primer

Region: Europe

Prepare your skin for a perfect look with this smoothing and mattifying primer base enriched with Matmarine™ Blue Ingredient for shine control. Glucate™ DO emulsifier, a mild low HLB emulsifier that allows cold and hot processing, offers excellent emulsion stabilization in this Water-in-Silicone (W/Si) system. Schercemol™ NGDO ester, which is a good alternative to cyclomethicone, imparts a light and refreshing touch, while Glucam™ E-20 humectant provides humectancy without tack.


  • Color Cosmetics-Face
  • Skin Care-Face


  • Opaque

Product Positioning

  • Botanical/Herbal
  • Light Feel
  • Non-Tacky
  • Smoothing