Clearly Protecting Color Shampoo

Hair Care


This mildly sulfated system will gently cleanse your hair from your daily activities via Sulfochem™ B-NBB surfactant blend and Chembetaine™ CAD surfactant while utilizing Merquat™ 295 polymer and Schercoquat™ IAS-PG quaternary compound to provide true color protection, excellent wet slip and superior alignment to the hair for definitive color retention and care. Obtain the optimal thickness and clarity of a cold process shampoo with Glucamate™ LT thickener and Hydramol™ PGPL ester. Efficiently remove dirt and oil from your hair, but leave that vibrant color behind!

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear

Form: Liquid

Free-From: Sulfate-free, Silicone-free, Amide-free