Fixative Jelly for Curly Hair

Hair Care


Curly hair needs extra care and sometimes can be difficult to manage and style. The Fixative Jelly for Curly Hair is a very simple hair jelly for a natural-looking but long-lasting hair style, with elegant and creamy sensory, but high clarity appearance. Carbopol® Clear polymer confers the right flow and viscosity to the formula with a creamy texture, and Fixate™ Freestyle polymer contributes with natural and fun styling properties without the flaking that is associated with traditional hair gels and jellies. Glucam™ E-20 humectant is naturally derived and delivers a light, satin-like emollient feel. The formula can be used in a customized and creative way by being combined with the Emollient Gel Cream for Curly Hair, allowing consumers to have targeted styling and treatment according to their hair needs and personal desires.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Translucent

Form: Gel

Free-From: Alcohol-free