Magic SOS Hair Oil Serum

Hair Care


This minimalistic lightweight hair oil serum has been formulated to tame frizz and control volume without weighing down the hair while improving the smoothness and the shine of the fiber. It is easy to apply, with fast absorption and spreadability, and has a unique silky feel. As a hero ingredient, it contains SilSense™ Bio 5 emollient, a sustainable alternative to volatile silicones, with the same performance and sensory as cyclomethicone D5. It provides comparable sensory properties as well as conditioning performance and luster. In addition, the ingredient can improve moisturization and the barrier function of the skin while reducing desquamation. It does not irritate the skin at the concentration tested and it may be considered microbiome friendly.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear

Form: Serum

Products Used in This Formulation

SilSense™ Bio 5 Emollient