VIBEphasic skin mist

Facial Care


This VIBEphasic skin mist featuring high natural content consists of an oil layer and an aqueous layer, which will help hydrate and nourish your skin. AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) algae oil is a natural emollient offering immediate and long lasting moisturization and improved skin barrier function. This biphasic skin mist contains Argireline® YOUth peptide, which shows efficacy against the areas of greatest concerns among young generations, helping to prevent the emergence of future expression wrinkles. This biphasic formula is also enriched with a botanical extract-Oxylance™ advance botanical ingredient, to increase oxygen supply to the skin, resulting in glowing and healthier-looking "yoga skin", and Xpozuki™ biotech ingredient to help protect the skin against exposome-induced stressors.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Clear, Translucent to milky

Form: Spray