Effective Skin Renewal Is Key for a Radiant Skin Appearance

Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 03/09/2023

Besides the typical aging signs, skin dullness is an increasing concern for consumers, especially those with darker skin types. Radiance and a smooth and even complexion are important for a youthful appearance and new test results have confirmed the benefits of Actizyme® advanced botanical ingredient in renewing the skin to create a more youthful look.

Actizyme® advanced botanical ingredient is a botanical extract rich in an acid protease that produces a controlled and effective desquamation, without side effects. In desquamation, the skin cells go through a complete life cycle – from the base layer of the epidermis to the skin cells maturing and eventually flaking off at the surface. When this process doesn’t happen fully, dead skin cells can remain on the skin, making the skin look rough and dull.

Previous studies have shown that the active ingredient is a mild exfoliating ingredient that confers gentle cell turnover, compared to AHAs. For the first time, we have identified, in vitro, that the activity of Actizyme® advanced botanical ingredient mimics the skin’s own desquamating enzymes and is highly specific to the conditions of the surface of the skin. Furthermore, its activity can be modulated by dosage and time to give a range of exfoliating effects.

In vivo efficacy testing with Actizyme® advanced botanical ingredient was conducted on volunteers with darker complexions. Participants reported visible brightening effects and that their skin appeared more luminous.

Actizyme® advanced botanical ingredient can be used in exfoliating products, from rinse-off masks to leave-on daily creams, without side effects. It has been shown to have reduced sensitivity and barrier disruption compared to lactic acid.

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