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Winter Hair Care...Saving it from the Season

Posted by Danielle Grossman on 10/08/2018

Winter Hair Care – Saving it from the Season

Winter weather presents a number of hair care dilemmas. Protect hair under a hat and deal with the inevitable “hat hair” or leave it uncovered and face cold-weather damage and flyaway strands. Blow dry it to avoid going outside with wet hair and risk over-drying it.

At its worst, winter hair is dry, brittle, dull and lifeless. Last summer’s warm weather hair care routine will not solve these problems. Instead, it calls for products specifically formulated to address these issues, products that will leave hair protected, strong, shiny and style-friendly, no matter what the season delivers.

While it can be a good idea to shampoo less frequently during winter to avoid over-drying the hair and scalp, it’s important to focus on the shampoos and conditioners that deliver the necessary benefits when they are used.

Shampoos and conditioners with Lubrizol’s Merquat™ 2001 and 2003PR polymers enhance shine, offer superior wet hair combing and detangling properties and protect hair from damage caused by hot styling tools.

Lubrizol’s Promulgen™ D nonionic emulsifier provides conditioners and relaxers with excellent viscosity building properties and stability at pH levels of 3-12. Its superior detangling properties mean less stress for hair from brushing and combing.

Winter is a great time to use multi-faceted products, such as a spray or pomade that will provide conditioning and keep hair aligned so it reflects light with a healthy shine, but also includes a fixative for hold.

Switching to shampoos with heavier conditioning will deposit a flexible film that seals and protects hair from the elements and provides a shinier, healthier appearance, making hair easier to manage.

Of course, even shiny, hydrated and protected hair can look bad if it’s blowing all over the place. Winter winds call for styling products that keep hair in place. Fixatives with Lubrizol’s Fixate™ G-100 PR polymer provide a light, flexible hold to fight the cold-weather gusts.

Other winter weather hair tips:

  • Never go out into the cold with still-wet hair. It will make it brittle.
  • Line woolen and cotton caps with silk scarves or sewn-in linings to avoid hat hair.
  • Limit use of hair dryers and curling irons.
  • Trim hair regularly to reduce split ends.
  • Wash hair in warm or cool water.


Cared for with the right products and routines, winter hair can be beautiful hair.

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