Fixate Keratin

Fixate™ Keratin – The Future of Hair Smoothing

Posted by Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team on 09/14/2018

Non-Formaldehyde, Glyoxylic Acid-Free, Cross-Linker Salon System

Getting straight, smooth, shiny hair shouldn’t come with potential health risks for clients or stylists. For many, though, sitting through hours-long salon treatments while breathing in noxious fumes is the norm. That is until now.

The industry’s best performing hair smoothing product with non-formaldehyde, glyoxylic acid-free, cross-linker technology, Fixate™ Keratin, is now available in a ready-to-use system designed for salon use.

A thermal-activated, two-component technology, Fixate™ Keratin reconstructs the hair from the inside into perfectly smooth and healthy hair for more than 10 washes. Tested on models with hair types 1 to 8, representing straight to extra curly hair, just one treatment resulted in healthier, stronger and smoother hair for each model.

Prior to this breakthrough technology, salons have had essentially three options to offer clients wanting straight hair – a formaldehyde-based straightening treatment, a glyoxylic acid-based straightening treatment or lye relaxers.

Formaldehyde-based semi-permanent straightening treatments provide initial long-lasting straightening and shine. However, continued treatments can cause the hair to become brittle. It can also induce skin and respiratory issues such as rashes, nosebleeds, coughing and dizziness without appropriate precautions, such as gloves and respirators. As a result, several countries have banned the use of formaldehyde-based products, making it not only an unsafe but also largely unavailable option.

In its place, semi-permanent straightening treatments, utilizing primarily low pH glyoxylic acid or lye relaxers, have now become popular for their straightening benefits and fewer fumes. However, glyoxylic acid still releases formaldehyde when heated to high temperatures, can change the color of hair after treatment, irritate the scalp due to low pH, and the fumes, while lessened, can still cause coughing and dizziness. And those using lye relaxers report similar reactions when it comes to scalp irritation.

Because it doesn’t generate high levels of hazardous fumes like formaldehyde-based and glyoxylic acid technologies, Fixate™ Keratin doesn’t require gloves and respirators. It is also safe for color-treated hair and repeated usage of the product results in stronger hair. In addition, our novel penetration encapsulation technology (NPET) enables the product to physically get inside the cortex for optimal results.

In the two-component technology, hair is initially prepared with a low pH activating shampoo while the activator and reconstructor are combined before being applied to the hair. After application, hair processes without heat for 30 minutes before hair is blow dried and then flat ironed. Once flat ironing is complete, clients can decide whether to have their hair washed or go home to wash their hair at their convenience. There is no need to wait 24 hours before washing like formaldehyde-based options require.

Straight, shiny, smooth hair with less time in the stylist’s chair and without the risk of respiratory and skin irritations – who wouldn’t want that?

Ready to experience what Fixate™ Keratin can do for your clients and business? Watch this video and then request your own in-salon demo. 

Lubrizol Personal Care Technical Team

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