Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai

Lubrizol India Pvt. Ltd. (LIPL) manufactures and markets fuel and lubricant additives and specialty performance chemicals for industry. With its strong technological and operational competencies, LIPL has the ability to adopt the changing needs of its customers, other stakeholders and society at large.

LIPL is committed to achieving the highest standards of customer service, ethical behaviors, corporate governance and employee morale.

The Lubrizol Corporation’s continuous technology and product development support  has enabled LIPL to be ready for future market needs. With more than five decades of experience in the country, LIPL works closely with its customers, providing them with products and services that focus on local conditions and needs. Through LIPL’s sales people, our customers have access to Lubrizol technology and worldwide resources leading to assurance of quality service that meets their unique requirements.

LIPL’s manufacturing plant is at Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. The company is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 accredited company. LIPL has a performance oriented, knowledge based open culture, and its team of professionals strive to maintain company leadership both in the national and international market place.

Product Lines

  • Antioxidants

  • Detergents

  • Dispersants

  • Crude flow improvers

  • Soluble polymers 


  • Additives blending

Key Markets and Applications

  • Engine oil additives
  • Industrial lubricant additives
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Driveline
  • Fuel additives 

Health and Safety

“Fundamental to Lubrizol's business is protecting our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and visitors, as well as, the environment and communities in which we operate. We achieve this by using management systems to identify, evaluate, prioritize and drive mitigation or, if possible, elimination, of risks. We set clear measurable health, safety, environmental and security goals which are reviewed by management." – Lubrizol's Health, Safety, Environmental and Security Policy

LIPL employees’ and contractors’ commitment for health, safety, environment and security (HSES) is demonstrated through implementation of systems such as injury/ incident/near miss reporting, use of prevention techniques, purchase of plant equipment and compliance with relevant statutory requirements.

Employees’, contractors’ and transporters’ commitment is demonstrated by participation in HSES activities and exercising appropriate responsibility. Training and safety performance is regularly monitored.

Community Relations

LIPL recognizes the importance of sustainability and its three dimensions of economic, environmental and social performances. LIPL aims to build sustainable communities by leveraging its competencies that create lasting values.

LIPL’s community activities and initiatives have broader ambit covering health care, sanitation, drinking water, education including special education, weaker section of society such as women, elderly and differently abled persons, environment sustainability, ecological balance, conservation of natural resources etc.

The projects, programs and supports are in the form of infrastructure development, donations, equipment support, scholarships, enhancing employability of youths etc. These programs are engaged through registered NGOs, educational bodies etc.

Navi Mumbai Facts


Lubrizol India Pvt. Ltd.
9/3, Thane Belapur Road
Turbhe, Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra, India



Contact Information

Mr. Dhiren Maiseri, Plant Manager
Phone: +022 67759602
Mobile: +91 8140044361

Number of Employees


Facility Type

Manufacturing and Marketing of Chemical Additives for Lubricants, Fuels  Specialty Chemicals

Business Segment

Lubrizol Additives