UV and Color-stable Pearlbond TPU

Lubrizol Launches New UV and Color-stable TPU Grade for Hot Melt Adhesives in Outdoor Applications

July 24, 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Lubrizol Engineered Polymers has launched a new, plasticizer-free Pearlbond™ 920 TPU for hot melt adhesives that require a UV and color-stable material in outdoor applications.

New Pearlbond 920 TPU has superior weatherability, excellent hydrolysis resistance and can be applied in sportswear, edge banding in furniture, interlinings, reflective tapes, automotive interiors and awnings. Soft, plasticizer-free with a high flexibility across a very wide range of temperatures, this new grade can be heat-activated at low temperatures on a wide range of equipment such as extrusion (slot die, flat die, blown film and gravure roller coating machines) and powder coating making it the ideal choice when bonding delicate substrates such as leather. Pearlbond 920 TPU’s good “wetting” properties ensure a very high bonding strength without compromising soft touch feel or flexibility.

Alternative materials like aromatic TPU under outdoor heat may discolor when exposed to light, leading to potential aesthetic problems first and performance failures later. Innovative Pearlbond 920 TPU combines the best of two worlds: excellent mechanical properties with UV resistance. These attributes allow products to be in use longer, making it a unique choice for the most demanding outdoor adhesive applications.

James Ruben, adhesives new business development manager for Engineered Polymers, commented that ““Lubrizol’s new grade is offering sustainability, durability and a strong bonding strength to a multitude of substrates such as PET, PA fabrics, cotton and many other textiles. It is potentially compliant of BlueSign® and Oeko-Tex® certifications, depending on the end use.”


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