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Lubrizol Additives Division Announces Changes to Executive Leadership Team

September 17, 2020

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Lubrizol Additives Division President, Tom Curtis, recently announced changes to his leadership team.  “In my 30 years at Lubrizol, I’ve never been more energized by the mission of our company to help the world Move Cleaner, Create Smarter and Live Better.  Building on our market-leading position, Lubrizol Additives is preparing for future growth opportunities as the transportation and industrial markets rapidly evolve.  We will continue to focus on unlocking the potential of Lubrizol science to solve meaningful problems and deliver valuable solutions for our customers, end users and our communities.   I’m very excited, and humbled, to work with a team of leaders whose diverse background and experiences are so well positioned to accelerate us forward.”

Julie Edgar has been appointed as Vice President, Transportation where she is accountable for growth in additives, specialty fluids, and services for all transportation applications, including electric vehicles.  Julie has held technology management positions in Asia, Europe and North America during her 25 years at Lubrizol.  Most recently, she held the position of Corporate Vice President of Innovation and Chief Sustainability Officer.  Julie’s experience will be critical to advance Lubrizol’s mission to help the world Move Cleaner, enabling a greater than 50% reduction in vehicle emissions by 2040.

Craig Paterson has been appointed as Vice President, Industrial.   As Lubrizol focuses on helping the world Create Smarter, including improving the circularity of its products by 25% by 2028, Craig’s 29 years of experience in the industry, including 18 years across several functions within Lubrizol, will prove beneficial. Most recently, Craig held a role as Vice President for Lubrizol Additives Product Management Group.  In his new role, Craig will be responsible for growth in industrial additives, finished grease and specialty industrial fluids and he will continue the focus across Lubrizol Additives businesses on product integrity, complexity optimization and product management support of the company’s digital platforms. 

In addition to his current responsibilities leading the global testing organization, Mayur Shah will lead Research & Development.  In his new role as Vice President, Research, Development & Testing, Mayur will be responsible to deliver capacity, capabilities, and services necessary to support Lubrizol’s industrial and transportation businesses today and into the future. Mayur will build upon experience gained during his 27 years with Lubrizol working in various technology and additive industry leadership roles.

Ramnath Kuthoore has been appointed to Vice President, Sales and Marketing.  Ramnath will be accountable to deliver value for Lubrizol Additives’ customers and their end users through clear and compelling value propositions.  Additionally, Ramnath will support the development and execution of our digital experience for Lubrizol Additives customers.  Ramnath brings 27 years of service within Lubrizol having previously held key roles in various functions including information systems, operations, business management and sales, including an international assignment in Dubai.  Most recently he was General Manager Sales, North America. 

Earlier this year, Jianwei Dong was appointed as Vice President, Lubrizol Additives Asia Pacific.  His 23 years of industry experience include over a decade in leadership positions throughout Asia, Europe and North America.  Jianwei will ensure the capabilities are in place to drive sustainable growth and deliver valuable solutions for our customers in Asia which is a critical region of growth for both transportation and industrial.

 The Lubrizol Additives leadership team continues to be supported by dedicated partners across manufacturing, supply chain, legal, HR, finance and IS.

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