Lubrizol Introduces Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Technology

February 5, 2019

<span style="background-color: #ffffff; color: #333333;">Hycar<sup>&reg;</sup> NH3069 Resin Technology -- Flame-Retardant Performance without Additives</span>

<p>CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Lubrizol Corporation announces the commercial availability of a novel flame retardant product, Hycar<sup>&reg;</sup> NH3069 acrylic resin, designed to deliver excellent flame retardant performance without the use of additives or halogenated materials. Based on new, self-crosslinking, non-halogen polymer technology, Hycar NH3069 acrylic resin imparts flame retardancy to cellulosics, making it a powerful protective technology for paper, cotton, rayon, glass and mixed fiber media applications. </p> <p> In addition to flame retardant benefits, Hycar NH3069 acrylic resin offers excellent mechanical performance and improved clarity compared to particulate-filled coatings. Its inherent thermal stability during processing provides improved color over halogenated polymers. With less additives required, reduced mixing, less chemical inventories and faster clean-up are possible, resulting in higher manufacturing productivity. For filtration applications, Hycar NH3069 acrylic resin provides a lower pressure drop compared to particulate additives.</p> <p> "This new and unique, halogen-free polymer technology from Lubrizol avoids the need for heavy metals, like antimony trioxide" notes Gary Anderle, marketing manager. "It's a game changer for many applications, and we look forward to exploring its full potential by collaborating with formulators to achieve specific flame retardance needs."</p> <p> Hycar NH3069 acrylic resin is part of an exciting new platform that will evolve into future flame-retardant products. It can be applied using a broad range of techniques, including knife coatings (J-box), dip and squeeze (padding), foam, gravure, screen printing and rod coating.</p> <p> For more information, visit the <a rel="noopener noreferrer" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="" target="_blank">Hycar NH3069 acrylic resin</a>&nbsp;product page. </p>

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