Lubrizol Introduces Aptalon™ W8030 Self-Matting Polyurethane Dispersions

August 7, 2018

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Lubrizol Corporation announces the commercial availability of Aptalon™ W8030 self-matting polyurethane dispersion, a new offering from its breakthrough Aptalon™ polyamide technology portfolio.

Aptalon W8030 is a water-borne, self-crosslinking resin with a naturally low gloss that enables matte coatings with little or no matting additives. With hydrolysis resistance, hardness and chemical resistance that outperforms other water-borne polyurethane chemistries, Aptalon W8030 is a 1K PUD designed for high performance coating applications. It meets or exceeds the performance properties of many 2K solvent-borne finishes without the need for external cross-linkers. Aptalon W8030 is NMP, NEP and APE-free for global regulatory compliance.

"Aptalon W8030 delivers excellent clarity in matte finishes," shares Nick Sterne, market manager, Lubrizol Performance Coatings. "It also has great chemical resistance and forms very hard films for outstanding protection across a broad range of demanding wood coating and clear metal topcoat applications. Aptalon W8030 eliminates the need to sacrifice performance for aesthetics by enabling coatings with a beautiful matte finish and fantastic properties."

Exclusively from Lubrizol, Aptalon polyamide technology delivers a step-change in performance for water-borne coatings. Highly adaptive, Aptalon polyamide technology can be tailored to provide high scratch and mar resistance, high chemical resistance, excellent water resistance, resistance to thermal degradation, and very high hardness. Early products from the Aptalon polyamide technology portfolio are designed for challenging metal and wood coatings, but the possibilities for its unique capabilities extend well beyond those applications.

For more information, visit the Aptalon W8030 product page.

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