Asteric™ Viscosity Modifier Product Line

A series of Asteric viscosity modifier products are available for customers to formulate high viscosity index driveline and hydraulic fluids. 

Lubrizol 8770550 SSI (KRL 20 Hr.)For shear stable multigrade hydraulic fluids; Parker Denison HF-0 approval in ExxonMobil Group I base stocks
Lubrizol 8770875 SSI (KRL 20 Hr.) For economical multigrade hydraulic & very high VI fluids; well suited for arctic grade fluids, farm tractor hydraulics and shock absorber fluids
Lubrizol 87715A50 SSI (KRL 20 Hr.)Contains all Group III diluent; for fluids requiring improved low temp fluidity; suitable for arctic fluids.  Parker Denison HF-0 approval in Exxon Mobil Group I base stocks
Lubrizol 8772550 SSI (KRL 20 Hr.)Contains all Group III diluent. Provides enhanced low temperature performance; optimized for Group II+ & Group III formulations; well suited for very high VI hydraulic fluids, farm tractor fluids and transmission fluids (automatic, CVT and light duty manual)

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