Industrial Gear Oils

Although industrial gear oils contain similar additive chemistry to automotive gear oils, these fluids are actually quite different. Industrial gear oils are most often mineral oil formulations used indoors where they are not exposed to wide changes in ambient temperatures. They typically are higher in viscosity ranging from 220 to beyond 1000 cSt at 40°C and have much greater exposure to water and other contaminates while in use.

Viscosity modifiers are used in industrial gear oils as an alternative to bright stock, cylinder stock or other heavy fractions normally used to formulate higher viscosity grades. Performance polymers offer the benefits of high viscosity and excellent thickening; improved film thickness and cohesion; better resistance to oxidation and moisture; lighter color; and better availability than some heavy hydrocarbon fractions.

Contact your Lubrizol representative to learn more about Lubrizol viscosity modifier technologies for industrial gear oils.