Enhance environmental protection with Lubrizol’s EcoAssurant Portfolio.

Bolster your eco-conscious reputation and tap into the growing market for environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) with a broad offering of finished fluids, additives packages and components that elevates the environmentally protective qualities of lubricants in industrial applications, worldwide.

A single-source solution for your EAL needs.

The EcoAssurant portfolio represents a single-source solution for you to expand your customers base and grow your market share in hydraulic, industrial gear oil, metalworking and grease applications on a global scale.

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EcoAssurant products are available as fully formulated solutions or components and additives packages based on your unique formulating needs.


Fully Formulated Solutions.

Eliminate the complexities and cost of formulating and blending. By acting as an extension of your product development team and providing single supplier breadth of product and expertise, we simplify your journey to offering compliant EAL solutions.

Components and Additive Packages. 

Worry-free formulating. Ensure reliable, validated performance, industry-specific application expertise, and guidance so your formulations will be both environmentally compliant and high performing.

The market for EALs is growing. Seize the potential with EcoAssurant.

Growing demand for lubricants with improved environmental protective properties has been driven by regulatory requirements and social responsibility to protect the land and sea.

EALs is a term describing lubricants that have been demonstrated to meet regulatory standards for biodegradability, nonbioaccumulative potential and minimal toxicity to aquatic life.

Helping you succeed with high-performance EALs.

All EcoAssurant products have been rigorously tested and certified by top regulatory bodies, helping to enhance your eco-responsible reputations without having to compromise on product performance.

Enhance Your Eco-Conscious Reputation

Lead the way with products that have been tested and certified as biodegradable, nonbioaccumulative and minimally toxic to aquatic life.

Outpace Your Competition

Improve speed to market with environmentally-certified and performance-validated solutions.

Expand Your Sales Opportunities

The exceptional breadth of the EcoAssurant portfolio allows your business to expand its offering of highly valued products, gain greater share of market and enter new markets.

Trust Lubrizol for your EAL needs.

Our 90 years of experience in formulating lubricants for diverse industrial markets offers you a rare level of substantiated technical expertise that helps ensure your lubricant products meet stringent EAL standards without compromising on performance.

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