Biocides for Metalworking Fluids

Knowledge, Performance, Compliance & Safety

Lubrizol biocide products offer high performance chemical technology to provide the necessary protection against microorganisms in aqueous metalworking fluids. If left untreated, dangerous microorganisms are inevitable in aqueous metalworking fluids due to the water content, elevated temperatures, and contaminants. Our advanced biocide products protect against the uncontrolled growth of these organisms and prolong fluid life.

Lubrizol's commitment to the metalworking fluid marketplace provides our customers with unparalleled advantages, including:

In-Depth Knowledge

Lubrizol’s comprehensive knowledge of the metalworking fluid industry helps us provide unequaled consultative support at all stages of the metalworking fluid application. From product development in the laboratory to troubleshooting challenges in the end use environment, we work with customers on specific formulation strategies to improve products or to help incorporate additives in existing product lines.

Enhanced Performance

Lubrizol develops and supports the most effective and appropriate biocide products for the metalworking fluid industry. Our innovative biocide technologies provide a solution for every need, including concentrate protection and tank side control, as well as system cleaning and disinfecting.

Our customers benefit from a continuous supply of proven biocide technologies. We are committed to the complex nature of biocide supply, which means our metalworking fluid formulator customers will have the appropriate tools available to protect their fluids from microbial degradation for many years to come. Our comprehensive knowledge of the complete metalworking fluid formulation, including biocides, allows us to recommend and supply biocide products that offer the highest degree of efficacy and compatibility for the given application.

Assured Compliance

The active chemistry of CONTRAM ST-1 is being supported by Lubrizol under the European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and is an EPA-registered pesticide in the United States (EPA Registration Number 52484-3). The use of CONTRAM ST-1 in the US must be in accordance with the EPA approved label.

Our commitment to compliance programs ensures the long-term availability of this performance chemistry for the metalworking fluid industry.

Health and Safety

Lubrizol supports customers through:

  • Product safety and compliance, providing expert communication and advice to help educate on product risk and proper handling
  •, providing timely notification on the challenges and mandates driving the metalworking industry
  • Commitment to the BPD, providing assurance through a comprehensive set of health and safety data for each of the active molecules in our product range

These benefits place Lubrizol in the best position to assist our customers in the design of their concentrate formulations in full compliance with current legislation, and to assist in developing products with the most suitable labeling for the end user application.

Please note: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

*Lubrizol biocide products are not currently available in Canada.